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  Master Project: Segmented Financial Performance Evaluation for the New Age of Television Industry
In a period of profound changes in the broadcasting sector, this paper intends to present a model for assessing economic and financial segmented performance, taking into consideration the new challenges in the business. In a permanently changing environment, it is essential to provide the management with the necessary information to support decisions, and a suitable business control panel.

This paper proposes to analyze the specific characteristics of this sector and to introduce a vision for the future of the television business, to find its critical axes, to define the relevant segments for the value creation, and to find the most suitable indicators to evaluate the segmented performance. The role of management control, the adequacy of management accounting and processing of expenses and income related to television programs are also covered in the present study. The main theoretical concepts are explained for these subject matters, and the paper concludes with the presentation of a model.

The technological evolution of information systems enables even more and better information tools for the management. However, to effectively meet their objectives, these systems must be in accordance with company’s strategy and the relevant segments for the value creation. The model of management accounting also needs to be prepared in order to provide the necessary variables. This paper may well serve as a preliminary study to implement a business intelligence system (BI) for the television sector.
  • TV traditional business model.
  • The New Broadcast TV Age - The new business challenges and the survival in the new environment.
  • The role of management control in TV and the adequacy of management accounting.
  • TV Program Financial Accounting.
  • Main KPI's and relevant segments - critical business axes.
  Master Thesis - 15/5/2010
  Broadcast Television - The Business Future
Link to the article I wrote in October 2010 to the technology area of the main Portuguese web portal (tek.sapo.pt): tek.sapo.pt (Portuguese content).
  Opinion Article
  www.rtp.pt - 13 years of the major Portuguese tv broadcaster website
In December 2010 the RTP (Portuguese National Public TV and Radio Broadcaster ) website is celebrating 13 years of life. It is today one of the most visited websites in Portugal and it was a pioneer, not only as a Portuguese broadcast television website, but also in many issues like the EPG - Electronic Program Guide development (wich allows the management of program and schedules related content), the video-on-demand (since 1999 it provides news bulletins in video), the real-time election results (2001), among many other services and contents. The RTP website and the RTP-Multimedia department were a milestone in my carrer. It is very nice to feel rewarded for the effort. I invite you to read more about this story at the www.rtp.pt website when they are working in new challenges: www.rtp.pt (Portuguese content).
  Blog: Cenário Maior
A look over the media, meeting telecommunications and IT.
(Portuguese Content)
Master Thesis
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TV Reporting Model
TV Segmented Financial Reporting.

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